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Something new to scare the crap out of you

Has no one learned anything from The Terminator?

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

In this week’s edition of ‘Take a Valium and pretend everything is going to be fine,’ I bring you the news that robots can now reproduce.

The US scientists who created the living robots, called xenobots, explain that these tiny creatures — less than a millimeter wide — have figured…

The man who made millions off ‘The Little People’ was sued by the woman who was his inspiration

Babyland General Hospital, Facebook

The first toy that made us crazy was 1983’s Cabbage Patch Doll. In the holiday shopping frenzy that year, people were pulling hair and throwing elbows to get the must-have doll of the year.

This was well before online shopping so you actually had to get yourself to Toys ‘R’…

The OG mean girl

Can someone in the book or movies just tell the new bride that Rebecca was a slutty sociopath?

Photo by Jack Gittoes from Pexels

I feel sorry for the second Mrs. DeWinter. She doesn’t even get a first name. And she is literally and physically in the dark.

Both in the book and subsequent movie adaptations, almost everyone is either quiet or cagey regarding the true nature of the first Mrs. DeWinter. In the…

More than 70 million animals were mummified and buried in catacombs across Egypt to satisfy religious devotees

WikiPhotos: Ancient Egypt Mummies of Animals

Recently, I visited an exhibit about the Egyptian Pharoah Ramses the Great and while I expected to see some human mummies, I was unprepared for all the animal ones.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been.

“Who has not heard…of the monstrous deities those crazy Egyptians worship? One lot adores crocodiles, another…

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