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Just started two publications. Let the all-nighters commence! Twitter: @BetsyDenson Facebook: @BetsyDensonWriter

And, sadly, people are still willing to pay big money for his efforts

Caricature of Adolf Hitler by Louis P. Hirshman

It’s invasive, it’s pervasive and it says ‘home’ to me

Photo by the author

I didn’t invent it but I have perfected it, and you can too!

Photo by Alyona Stafeeva from Pexels

1.) Close your eyes and think of England

Was there something I could have done?

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: the crows talk too

Photo by from Pexels

Norway goes deep to store seeds for the next millennium

WikiCommons photo by Subiet — Entrance to the Seed Vault During Polar Night (cropped) - Svalbard, Norway

Saturday Poetry Prompt: bring out your rock

WikiCommons: Rolling Stones Finale See You Soon

Betsy Denson

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