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Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It saved it. That’s why I write. Twitter: @BetsyDenson Facebook: @BetsyDensonWriter

Bow down Medium minions

The appellation is like Brigadoon, but you’ll treasure the memories

Photo by Alla Eddine Taleb from Pexels

When I first saw someone’s ‘Top Writer’ designation on Medium, I coveted it for myself. Like Gollum with The Ring and Citizen Kane’s beloved Rosebud, the Top Writer status was something to strive for, something truly shining and worthy.

So, as you might imagine, when I finally got my first…

No one cares about your artisanal goods either

Photo by Анна Хазова from Pexels

We live in a world where the status quo just isn’t good enough anymore. Couples used to just call their loved ones on the phone to tell them a baby’s sex. Now they start pink or blue forest fires.

Prom used to be a matter of a simple question. Now…

Before Bitcoin, Grandma was a blogger

Is it true? Did money just rain down from the sky?

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

“Like most things child, we didn’t know how good we had it until it was gone.”

“What was it like? On Medium back then?”

“Well, it was kind of like the gold rush I suppose, but with words. Mr. …

A strange souvenir or gift to science — you be the judge

WikiCommons: Napoleon crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David

This goes way beyond a lock of hair or a photograph. After the death of some of the most famous — or in some cases infamous —people in the world, their body parts became souvenirs of sorts for those who removed them. Is it right, considering these acts happened without…

At this product party from Hell, there are no limits

Photo by Olya Prutskova from Pexels

Maura didn’t normally go to stuff like this. She hated sitting on someone’s sofa in their Pinterest-y living room making nice and drinking wine while the host tried to sell her clothes, or jewelry, or Bundt cake pans.

But this time the host was Iris Lowry who had not given…

If you think it’s Bonnie Tyler, think again

Photo by lilartsy from Pexels

“If it’s Islands in the Stream I’m gonna lose it,” Jenni told Hanna. “Kenny Rogers looks like somebody’s Santa.”

“What?” Hanna was blow-drying her hair while talking on the phone which didn’t even seem safe.

All Night Long is number three,” Jenni yelled over the dryer’s whir. …

The night is a place and no-place at all

WikiPhotos: Night falling in Dodges

A shroud, a curtain falling or maybe rising on the night. A lull before a minor key, skip a beat — a symphony of creatures whose purview is the dark. …

I used to want to move, but now you couldn’t make me leave this place

Photo by KM L from Pexels

I remember well the house hunting process my husband and I embarked upon 17 years ago. Giddy with the realization that real estate would be a lot more affordable in our new city than it was in our old one, we cast a wide net. …

Twelve men and women were tried as witches. Most were executed

Pendle Witches fingerpost at Roughlee Booth, Lancashire

Many of those accused of witchcraft in the well documented Pendle Witch trial of 1612 lived in a remote forested area and made their living from the healing arts — and maybe a little begging and extortion. …

Betsy Denson

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