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Daenerys Targaryen ain’t got nothing on me

Behold the power of this mighty number

Photo from Pexels

Well, I finally did it. I broke the 1K follower mark. This mighty number has been a goal of mine since getting on the platform a little more than a year ago. Over the months, I’ve nurtured this figure like Daenerys Targaryen babied those three little dragons. Reading, writing, clapping…

It’s my inner life only that *might* make a good reality show

Although I truly enjoy reading other people’s profiles here, I have procrastinated endlessly about writing my own. I wonder if it’s like trying to come up with a dating profile when you are literally interested in hanging out with anyone and everyone. Maybe not, but here goes nothing —

Saturday Poetry Prompt: the danger of the dream

Photo by the author

What comes first is the silence —

The blessed quiet
of the whole world draped in white bunting
Sound smothered

Now you can finally hear yourself think

You’ve lost something
That much is clear
and it is high time to go hunting

To sink up to your knees in the…

And that’s if your parents didn’t kill you at birth

Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash

It wasn’t easy growing up in Sparta. But maybe the Spartan kids didn’t have any pen pals in nearby Athens where life, at least for the boys, was spent philosophizing and cheering on their countrymen at the Olympics.

To get into the mind of a Spartan parent, you have to…

What more do you have to give?

The first purge is the most satisfying. Say your wife died. Her name was Jeannie, and she was a big shopper (QVC mostly). A lot of those packages just sat around the house, unopened.

Maybe the kids (let’s go with three) help you with a garage sale — and as…

And more movie scenes I will stick around for, time and time again

They told you not to open the Ark of the Covenant. Image credit: Paramount Pictures

If I’m channel surfing and stumble across a favorite movie, more likely than not, I’ll stick with it until I get to a particular scene. This could be because the bad guys finally get their comeuppance, or the hero escapes, or the girl fakes an incredible orgasm.

Sometimes the special…

Zilla got to take a human’s shape only when Mistress had something for her to do

Photo by OVAN from Pexels

Zilla got to take a human’s shape only when Mistress had something for her to do. The duties were nearly always unpleasant, lest why should she be summoned, but the joy of finding her corporeal herself — soft flesh over firm bone, nostrils to breathe in the fresh air, fingers…

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